Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Color Run! (Why You Should Run a 5K)

See this? It's a picture of me, my BFF, her hubby, and our friend, soaked in rain, a little muddy, and of course, full of COLOR! This was taken last Saturday, just after we ran in The Color Run 5K held in Tempe, Arizona. If you don't know about The Color Run, check it out here: http://thecolorrun.com/
I love the picture above in particular because it shows the contrast of just how gray the skies were that day as we ran in the rain, being pelted by clouds of brightly colored powder along the way, much like this:

This was only my second 5K and I ran nearly the entire way! I felt so amazing at the end and despite being concerned at first about the rain, I actually loved that added element. There was just something about running in the rain, through puddles and mud, in between people clad in ponchos squirting (and sometimes just plain dumping) vibrant colored, sweet smelling corn starch that nourished the eight year old girl in me and made my feet feel somehow lighter.

I ran my first 5K (also with my BFF) for My Team Triumph in September of last year. (More about that organization here: http://www.mtt-az.org/) The race was timed (unlike the Color Run) and I really wanted to do well because we ran as a team. It was super exciting because it was my first 5K and it was for such an important and amazing cause. I walked about a third of the way and ran the rest. The feeling of crossing that finish line was incredible, and I was hooked. I promptly decided I was going to find as many 5K races as I could and set a goal to eventually run one the entire way (this was a big goal for me because I am not a runner, at all).

Then, reality set in. I realized I was still a busy wife, mother, full time employee, and that there are also fees associated with nearly every race, fun run, walk, or other similar event. No matter how badly I wanted to participate in the Susan G. Komen race, the "Tough Mudder" or the local half marathon (insert wild laughter here), I didn't know how I was going to find the time, or the money.

Then in October, the BFF reminded me about The Color Run. It wasn't scheduled until January, and as long as we registered before the end of the month, the fee was reasonable. I was sold. I hopped on the computer, punched in my credit card number, and waited. For three months, I waited. The night before the event, we all drove up to Tempe and stayed in a hotel. It was that, or wake up around 5 a.m. and drive two hours before running. No thanks. This is us "preparing" for The Color Run:

(BFF's hubby ended up with my red shades at the actual run)

(Yes, I did wear rainbow socks and a sweat band)
(This photo is from the BFF's blog: http://mommacandy.com/, where you can also read about the experience)
I was so excited I could hardly sleep. The oddly overheated hotel room and not sleeping in my own bed didn't help either. But I didn't care. At 6 a.m. I woke up and wasn't my usual, ahem, morning self. I was happy. And energized. And ready to get dressed, get breakfast, and get to that starting line. Then I heard it. The pelting on the window. The weather man on the television, explaining that, yes, as we had heard it might, it was in fact, raining. This was going to be interesting...
We went downstairs and found several others dressed like us, some also in tutus (super jealous), eating breakfast and occasionally checking to make sure that yes, the rain was still coming down. I had a yummy bowl of oatmeal with peanut butter, raisins, walnuts, and banana slices. Awesome carbs and protein combination to fuel up for a wet run! Despite watching a few people come back from the starting line muttering about how "horrible it was out there" we climbed into the shuttle and headed out. The rest is history. I came, I ran, I conquered. And at the end of the race, there was a huge, crazy, color throwing party, complete with a DJ and tons of muddy, color streaked, gleeful, crazy people just like us. And all before 9 a.m. Here's another post-run picture, courtesy of http://mommacandy.com/:
Whether you choose to participate in a crazy event like The Color Run, or a simple fun run, get out there and run a 5K! I say run, but if you can't run, walk it, and run whatever you can. The feeling of accomplishment and giddiness that comes from crossing a finish line after those 3.1 miles is something I wish I could bottle and sell. But since I can't, go out there and get it for yourself. You won't be sorry. Our little foursome has already committed to doing The Color Run every year from now on. But before then, I will still be on the hunt for my next 5K, even if I can only sneak one more in this year. And for the record, the race took place Saturday, it is now Tuesday, and not only am I just getting to posting about this, but I also just barely got my shoes clean from all the color (there's still some in my hair). There's a reason the first word in the name of this blog is "busy".  Good night!


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